In November 2011, Fnot Tesfom, Robel Meskel, and Seghen Simon founded the Eritrean Diaspora Network, a community organization dedicated to mobilizing Eritrean diaspora communities in a non-partisan manner, around issues of common concern. The founders of EDN were alarmed by the growing political polarization of the Eritrean diaspora, and feared that such divisions were contributing to a rapid disengagement of diaspora youth from the affairs of their diaspora communities and homeland. After a series of meetings with friends and colleagues in the Washington DC area, and with the unanimous consent of those participating in these discussions, EDN was formally established.


EDN’s initial formation, through a process of consensus and popular consultation, is a reflection of the organization’s broader approach to community building and the core principles on which its programming is based. The Eritrean diaspora is in dire need of non-partisan social space where Eritreans can engage in constructive dialogue, identify collective concerns, and mobilize for positive change. EDN is designed to meet these needs, providing a wide array of innovative programming that can help build solidarity within the Eritrean diaspora, while promoting this community’s collective interests.


EDN is dedicated to the advancement of the Eritrean diaspora through non-partisan community empowerment.


A united Eritrean community.

Who We Are

  • We are Eritreans in the diaspora working with others to heal deep rifts within our community.
  • We believe that building a strong Eritrean diaspora requires mobilizing our people around a nonpartisan community programming agenda.
  • We want to build a strong and thriving community that respects diversity of thought, and is capable of working together to solve common problems.
  • We will do this through education, peer support, social events, and by providing a safe space for open and constructive dialogue