What is GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday, observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is a global movement that celebrates philanthropy, inspires kindness, and dedicates one day out of 365 to giving back. Harnessing the generosity of people around the world, #GivingTuesday empowers individuals to bring about real change in their communities. In our second year of commemorating this global day of giving, Eritrean Diaspora Network (EDN) invites you to once again participate in #GivingTuesday 2015, and support our continuous efforts to build solidarity within our community.

How Has EDN Empowered Real Change?

Four years into our growth, EDN continues to find innovative ways to deliver a nonpartisan and safe platform through which people organize for transformative change. EDN has made great strides towards identifying and addressing the issues that Eritreans in the diaspora believe are most relevant to our community. To date, the powerful leverage of our 3 critical programing areas, Professional Development, Civic Engagement, and Recent Arrival Support, has allowed EDN to:

  • Address the African migration crisis spanning the Sinai and Mediterranean
  • Raise funds to support organizations that directly assist victims of human trafficking
  • Create a toolkit to arm recent arrivals with the knowledge necessary to navigate their new environment
  • Liaise between recent arrival communities and resettlement agencies in Baltimore to mitigate challenges faced during the transition period
  • Advocate for economic and social justice on behalf of Eritreans in DC by mobilizing members of our community around the fight for affordable education, the student debt crisis, and the Movement for Black Lives
  • Establish a mentorship program, connecting participants from diverse professional and educational backgrounds with one another for the purposes of career and social advancement
  • Host various social gatherings, including the its First Annual Summer barbecue and Summer Happy Hour Series, to allow members of the community to develop social bonds

Through diverse programming efforts, EDN  has begun breaking down common barriers in the Eritrean diaspora, and have compelled members of our community to make advancements towards working as a collective for positive change..

How Will Your #GivingTuesday Contribution Help?

EDN has worked diligently to create a strong base of advocates, successfully facilitated open dialogue, and prioritize critical programming areas to achieve real change, but we are just getting started. Here is a glimpse of what EDN has in store for 2016 and beyond:

Recent Arrival & Refugee Support

The primary objective of EDN’s Recent Arrival & Refugee Program is to support the economic and social development of recent migrants and refugees. EDN’s programing aims to improve the quality of life of this demographic, and create opportunities to  increase their capacity to function as proactive and constructive members of society. Programing priorities for 2016 include:

  • Developing community building programs designed to introduce and integrate recently arrived Eritreans into the broader Eritrean-American community
  • Harnessing the skills and competencies of the Eritrean-American diaspora into capacity building
  • Providing social engagement and skill building programs to facilitate integration of recent arrivals into their communities

Professional Development

The primary objective of EDN’s Professional Development Program is to promote the spirit of networking and cooperation among Eritreans in the Diaspora. EDN’s programing is centered on spurring both individual and collective success. Programing priorities for 2016 include:

  • Providing a hub for Eritrean networking as a  medium through which meaningful personal and professional relationships can be cultivated
  • Supporting the development of Eritreans towards leadership roles in their respective fields
  • Enhancing awareness of the professional accomplishments of Eritreans

Civic Engagement

The primary objective of the Civic Engagement program is to build civic capacity of the Eritrean diaspora community. EDN’s programing is focused on civic education and analysis, increased engagement in the legislative process, and mobilization around national and foreign policy. Programing priorities for 2016 include:

  • Prioritizing the right to affordable education and enhancing access to economic and social mobility
  • Advancing racial and economic justice to ensure dignity and opportunity for Eritreans
  • Expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and rights of immigrants
  • Promoting preventative health measures and access to proper healthcare

EDN has set  a goal of $5,000  for #GivingTuesday this year!  Your help will directly influence the success of these programing initiatives and further EDN’s mission to advance the Eritrean diaspora through non-partisan community empowerment. EDN is an organization entirely run by unpaid volunteers, therefore 100% of your donation will devoted to programing and operations. We are counting on your generosity this #GivingTuesday, and humbly request that you support our efforts. Please DONATE TODAY!

***EDN is a 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit organization. Your gifts are now eligible as tax deductible donations! ***

For more information about #GivingTuesday, visit www.givingtuesday.org or read our 2014 GivingTuesday & EDN blog

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